Tyler-Rose City
Serving the Children of the World
70th Annual
 Tyler-Rose City Kiwanis
Turkey Shoot
November 18, 2017 
800 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Come to Camp Tyler for a day of fun as you target shoot to win your Thanksgiving turkey!  Guns, ammo and targets are provided.  You are responsible for bringing the whole family.  There will be youth lanes for kids 10 and under.  Kids 12 and under are allowed to use a bench rest since they will be shooting on the adult lanes.  Once you win a turkey you may advance to the Ham Lanes and show off your shooting skills to win as many hams as possible.

ALL TURKEYS must be picked up at the shoot.  Brookshires will not honor any Turkey certificates brought to their  stores.  So if you are headed somewhere else after the shoot bring a cooler in which to keep your frozen turkey until you get home!  (Ham coupons may ONLY be redeemed at Brookshire stores)

Concessions - Face-Painting for the little ones will complete your day.

Come and participate in Texas Style Thanksgiving fun

All proceeds benefit Rose City Children's Foundation which provide funds to support:

Camp Tyler, Boy Scouts of America, Whitehouse High School Key Club, Robert E. Lee High School Key Club, Cumberland Academy High School Key Club.  Middle School Builders' Clubs of Hubbard, Whitehouse and Holloway 6th Grade.  Cain Elementary and Brown Elementary K-Kids Clubs, Cain Elementary BUGS (Bringing Up Grades)Program, TISD Kindergarten School Reading Program, Spirit of Christmas Food Drive, Tyler Day Nursery and Achieving Dreams of Tyler Aktion Club.

Tickets purchased on-line or in advance are: $3.00 each (for four shots.)

Tickets bought the day of the shoot are:       $3.50 each (for four shots)