Tyler-Rose City
Serving the Children of the World
Our club is proud to sponsor and be involved with many community service and fundraising activities. Below you will find a listing of the upcoming events.

Date Type Title
06/21/2018 Meeting

Tasneem Raja's articles in the past year have appeared in the New Yorker, The Atlantic, and regularly in features on NPR. So, what abut Tyler attracted a writing millenial to settle here. As the...

06/28/2018 Meeting

When the cat's away, the mice will play . . .

As many of our club officers will be off at the Texas/Oklahoma District State Convention this Thursday, it's time for the rest of us to make our own...

07/05/2018 Meeting

This morning we'll get together to share our favorite experiences of the Fourth of July, sing a few extra rounds of patriotic songs, and get a report from our officers on their travels to the Texas/Oklahoma...

07/12/2018 Meeting

Kouider Mokhtari of UT Tyler will return today as several club members have expressed an interest in participating this fall in Born to Read. Dr. Mokhtari's Born to Read program works with expectant...

07/19/2018 Meeting

Have you had a chance yet to visit Lindale's Old Mill Pond Museum? Justin Mairot, the museum curator and the host of
"Blacksmithing with Justin Mairot," will be here to bring our east Texas...

07/26/2018 Meeting

"When you're runnin' 90 miles an hour in the wrong direction, turn around."

Keith Irwin, the owner of the Lindale School of Music and Keith Irwin Ministries, is an entertainer par excellence,...

08/02/2018 Meeting
08/09/2018 Meeting
08/16/2018 Meeting
08/23/2018 Meeting

Key Clubs, Cirkle K's, Builders Clubs, and K-Kids - the area's Sevice Leaderhip Programs (SLPs) are one of the most visible and active parts of the Tyler Rose City Kiwanis Club. With a new school...

08/30/2018 Meeting
09/06/2018 Meeting
09/13/2018 Meeting
09/20/2018 Meeting
09/27/2018 Meeting